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Param & Shreedha have had different upbringings when it comes to wellness. Param hails from a family of doctors and values medical intervention, Shreedha’s mother is a keen follower of traditional Ayurvedic practices. So, when Ayurvedic treatment worked for her chronic skin condition for good, they decided such impactful products should be made readily available in the market.

In 2019, the duo launched Khadi Essentials, a beauty and wellness brand.

“We understand modern science and Ayurveda are complementary to each other and can yield effective results that are sustainable,” say Param & Shreedha.

– Param & Shreedha


cruelty free
paraben free



Happy & Nourished Lips
Strong Hair, Healthy Scalp
Facial Skin Revival


Amazing product. Great leather and great on the skin.
Ujit Chatterjee

Purchased on 09-Apr-21

I have used a couple of their products and this one got my heart. The brush attached along is absolutely amazing.
Manisha Jain

Purchase on 16-Apr-21

The brush is so soft and gently massage the face giving it clear and clean skin. Loved it!

Purchased on 25-Feb-21

We can directly apply it to face and massage. It cleanses the skin really well without stripping off the oil.
Rainu Arora

Purchased on 27-Apr-21

Value for money and very convenient to use. Skin felt fresh for most of the day.
Rakesh Bordia

Purchased on 01-Mar-21

What a premium quality facewash this is. Used it for the first time on my face as my mom was using it already and amazing results!
Sushant Midha

Purchased on 22-Feb-21

Indeed a wonderful product for daily facial routine. The best part is that it comes with an inbuilt brush that cleans your skin gently and deeply.
Bharti bajaj

Purchased on 17-Feb-21

Go for it if you are searching for a good organic oil.

Purchased on 22-Apr-21

I came across this hair oil on amazon and decided to give it a try. It has helped in hair growth and has reduced hairfall significantly.
Komal Sharma

Purchased on 12-Mar-21

I was facing little hair loss issues and one of my office's friend recommended this to buy. Frankly, within 1 week of use, I can feel the difference.
Abhishek Singh

Purchased on 16-Mar-21

I got this shampoo recently and I am totally astonished by the results. My hair feels so smooth after the application and also I can notice a reduction in hair fall right after the first wash.

Purchased on 25-Feb-21

This product is very nice. It is very effective.
Rituraj Shukla

Purchased on 01-Apr-21

Really good and smells amazing
Vaishali Phogat

Purchased on 10-Feb-21

It's a very nice product. Does not dry out lips. Removes dead skin and moisture stays intact. It readily melts on your skin and smells really nice.

Purchased on 14-Feb-21

The colour and smell is mild. Go for it if u prefer organic products.
Sheereen Jahan

Purchased on 15-Apr-21

One of the best Beetroot Lip balm. It hydrated the lips. Gives soft & supple lips. It's packaging is great and it looks luxury but it is affordable as well. It has natural ingredients. Would love to buy again.

Purchased on 25-Feb-21

I experimented with ordering this and applied it for two days and could see the difference.

Purchased on 08-Mar-21

This is a really awesome serum for skin. Doesn't make the skin oily, gets absorbed instantly and provides glow to the skin. Got good result after using it for just 2 days.
Revathi G

Purchased on 05-Apr-21




Ambitious, detailed, change-makers & empathetic – this is Who We Are.

Read on to find out about available opportunities with us.

Nature has provided us with everything that we need for a healthy lifestyle. To walk on the path of healthy living, one needs to adopt healthy choices in everyday life, including skincare & body care.  


The Ayurveda Company is dedicated to bringing solutions for skin and body which are beyond the surface. The products are designed to work on the root cause of the trouble and give long-lasting results rather than instant but unsafe gratifications. TAC vouches on the effects and efficacy of the product as they are mindfully modern and artfully ancient and focuses on complete wellness.  

Our haircare products include ayurvedic hair masksayurvedic hair oilsayurvedic shampoo and conditioners to control hair fall, promote hair growth, tame the dry & brittle hair maintain your beautiful mane. Our skincare range includes skin solutions for all the concerns like acne, pigmentation, scars and tanning. TAC offers ayurvedic serums, organic lip scrubs derived through natural ingredients and prepared cautiously without parabens and minerals. TAC has selective ayurvedic ingredients compiled into hydrating solutions to keep the skin supple & 

moisturised for body care. 

TAC swears upon being the brand without any nasties and only believes in the power of nature, developed with science. We are free from parabens, minerals, sulfates and skin troubling ingredients. TAC products are easy on the skin, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin type.  

With a plethora of products offered under the umbrella of Ayurveda everywhere, TAC comes with an edge of technology, through which we develop the age-old solutions from the books of Ayurveda. Our formulas are deeply oriented for Indian skin and hair type requirements, tried and tested by our clients all over the nation and brought to you with faith to heal your skin from within. 

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